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Patients of the CHC:
Online Appointment Booking is Now Available

If you have paper work to be completed, or if you have multiple concerns to discuss with your CHC provider, please call 705-324-7323 option 2 to speak with our medical admin.

The following CHC providers are offering online appointment booking. Click the name of your provider below to book your next appointment online:

You can also book an appointment online with our lab and vaccine clinics below:

Please note that online booking is only available for registered patients at this clinic. New patients cannot book appointments online.

A person booking an appointment online using a laptop

Our Community Health Centre provides comprehensive health services delivered by a team of professionals – doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, a social worker, a registered dietician, and others. Together they offer a person-first approach that recognizes the many connected layers of physical and mental health and promotes healthy individuals and communities.

We are a member of the Alliance for Healthier Communities, the advocacy organization for non-profit, community-governed, multidisciplinary primary healthcare models in the province.

The CHC provides comprehensive primary care services (family medicine), delivered by a team of professionals in order to promote healthy individuals and communities. Services we provide for our clients include ongoing medical care, nutrition counseling and support, mental health counseling and therapeutic groups, diabetes education in collaboration with the Ross Memorial Hospital Health First Diabetes Education Team, and smoking cessation.

The CHC team of supportive, skilled professionals includes:

  • Doctors
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Social Worker
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Health Promoter
  • GAIN (Geriatric Assessment & Intervention Network)
  • Elder Abuse coordinator
  • Medical administrators/receptionists