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Our Palliative Care Community Team (PCCT) can provide comfort and dignity to those with a progressive, life-limiting illness. From guidance provided by a Nurse Navigator to support in the home, to our highly-trained volunteers, we make sure that physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met with exceptional care and compassion.

In addition to our Palliative Care Community Team program, Hospice Services offers two support groups specifically for those living with a life-limiting diagnosis. Both support groups offer participants a safe space to share and explore the challenges of living with cancer or illness with others who are experiencing something similar. Participants can feel connected to others, heard, understood and even gain new knowledge.

Please call Hospice Services and speak with our Team Lead for more information.

The clinical nurse navigator provides care from diagnosis of a life-limiting illness, through bereavement. While other members of your care team will come and go throughout a person’s journey with illness, the clinical nurse navigator will stay constant through your entire journey to ensure the best experience and quality of life possible.

How Can a Clinical Nurse Navigator Help?
• Use knowledge, skills, and experience to help individuals be prepared for changes that occur throughout the illness.
• Link you to community resources when needed.
• Offer palliative pain and symptom management expertise to you and your broader care team.
• Support smooth transitions to and from Hospital.
• When you are unsure who to call, what questions to ask, a clinical nurse navigator is available to ensure your needs get addressed.

The supportive care counsellor offers professional counselling to individuals, families and caregivers. Other members of your care team can help with some of the physical issues (i.e. pain) that often come with illness. The supportive care counsellor supports the complexity of living with a life-limiting illness when it starts to impact the mental, emotional, and/or spiritual health of those involved.

How Can a Supportive Care Counsellor Help?
• Establish a safe place to share personal experiences and explore challenging areas.
• Help to open communication channels between family members when difficult conversations arise.
• Help develop coping strategies to work through the difficulties that come with a life-limiting illness.
• Help to reframe hope and explore meaningful legacy opportunities for people.

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Please call Hospice Services and speak with our Team Lead for more information.

Living with Cancer is a support group is for individuals who are currently living with cancer, have been recently diagnosed, or are undergoing treatment. Currently, this group meets virtually on the 2nd Monday of every month from 2-3 PM.

Living with Illness
support group is for individuals currently living with a life-limiting disease such as, but not limited to cancer, end-stage COPD, renal disease, heart failure or ALS. Currently, this group meets virtually on the 4th Monday of every month from 2-3 PM.

Please call Hospice Services and speak with our Team Lead for more information.

Volunteer Care Companions are specially trained volunteers and are a vital part to our care team. Our volunteers offer compassionate emotional, spiritual, and practical support to a client and their family.

A volunteer Care Companion can:
• Provide respite for you as a caregiver – your volunteer will stay with your loved one while you do errands or attend an appointment
• Offer companionship and a supportive, non-judgmental ear
• Prepare light snacks/meals
• Accompany someone for a walk, to appointments, etc.
• Assist with writing journals or letters, helping to create a memory box or scrapbook of one’s life
• Read together, play cards, assist with crafts or hobbies

***Volunteers DO NOT provide medical care or housekeeping

Please call Hospice Services and speak with our Team Lead for more information.